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(release 11th November)

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HADLEY-JAMES HOYLES is a poet, musician and teacher
from Skipton, North Yorkshire. He currently resides in Leith,
Edinburgh. He is the founder and director of The Alcove
poetry events organisation, as well as the Makar of Teviot
Row House. Alongside his own events, he regularly indulges
his love of poetry amongst the legendary Heretics troupe of
Edinburgh of which he is a member.

Much of his poetry is concerned with our relationship to
nature, and how the passivity of observation can create
emotional collisions when applied to the psychologically
profound landscapes of Scotland the North of England.

'I believe that Hadley-James Hoyles is the finest
emerging poet in Scotland. His work is visceral, honest,
sensuous, and human, but equally tight, full of craft,
painterly... Buy this book. It will move you.'