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Rymour Books publish titles in Scottish cultural history (originally published under Hog’s Back Press), poetry, short fiction and polemic essays by Scottish authors or relating to Scotland.

We are a small independent publisher publishing books that larger commercial companies would not normally consider. We receive no regular external funding and are dependent on the goodwill of like-minded bibliophiles to fund each publication. We welcome expressions of interest and suggestions for publications.

If you believe in what we do, please consider helping to fund our work. Everyone who sponsors us will be listed on our website and receive regular newsletters and invitations to events.

All donations are welcome. If you donate £50 we will also send you a copy of one of our latest publications. You can make a donation with the button below:

You may wish to sponsor a specific publication or simply support our work in general. £250 will enable us to publish a collection of poetry or fiction by a first-time author. £500 will enable us to research and publish an academic work on Scottish cultural history or a related topic.

If you would like to chat about supporting us, please email Ian at info@rymour.co.uk.

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