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RICHARD MUNRO (aka Spike) is a weel-kent figure on the poetry scene in Edinburgh and Eastern Scotland. This is the first collected edition of his poems.

‘Scotland’s poetry scene can get away too po-faced so Spike's work with its gnomic wit is welcome refreshment. But don’t assume that because he’s so funny there isn’t dark seriousness underlying his poetry―witness his Hing oot to Dry and its evocation of a working class Embro bairnhood… The mischief, the menace and the madness sometimes recall his near-namesake Milligan of that ilk.’


My very favourite performer—Spike can be uplifting, outrageous, sensitive, poignant, honest and whatever the subject of the verses he manages to bring one’s emotions into play. I have never seen anyone yawn at a Spike reading.


Bairn rhymes? Aye but touching, melancholic, hidden sharps. A lot of cheek. By jowl.


He is the master of ribald repartee; he can be cutting without being catty.